Maintaining a BMS System

Our service engineers are internally trained in controls theory and undergo regular training by our controls partners including Siemens and Tridium.

Like other items of plant within a buildings HVAC system, BMS benefits from regular maintenance. This will include calibration and cleaning of sensors, visual checks of valve operation, motor speed control, damper operation and other plant outputs from the controllers. We also investigate plant that may have been overridden to a manual operation, this would be reset to auto and any faults diagnosed and the reasons for the manual operation rectified.


Take and record running currents of all motors and electric heaters.


Checking the operation of plant thermostats and pressure switches


Checking the operation of plant safety interlocks and alarm generation within the system

We will back up all controller software and “headend” software. This is stored on our secure servers so in the event of a controller PC failure we are able to restore the system with the minimum down time and cost possible.

A full electronic copy of our finalised service report will be sent to the client on completion of our works.

We will provide a copy of our standard servicing, operating procedures detailing all the tasks we carry out in more detail upon request. Please email: