Synco Living

Synco Living


The Synco Living control range from Siemens combines an elegant design, simple operation and energy efficiency. It is ideally suited for use in houses, care homes, offices and community centres.

What is Synco?

The system will control your heating and other devices around your home including split air conditioning systems. This can lead to energy savings of up to 30% on your gas, oil or electricity bill.

Synco Living consists of a central control unit, working with wireless radiator valves, room units, underfloor heating and boiler demand control devices. Up to 12 individual zones can be controlled from a single central unit and for larger properties additional units can be networked together. Synco Living controls the temperature to +/- 0.2ÂșC of setpoint, far greater accuracy than traditional thermostatic valves leading to better comfort for the occupants. The valve actuators used by Synco Living offer extremely quiet operation.

Synco Living ensures heating is only used when required. Information from a window contact can be used to switch the heating off if a window is left open. The setpoint temperature is automatically reduced at night. A single push button can be configured on the central unit which when pushed will reduce all the setpoints when you are going out or on holiday.

A quick and easy upgrade can be carried out to an existing system thanks to the wireless technology used by the room units, valve actuators and other components. The new actuators can be fitted to existing valves so there should be no need to drain the system during installation. They also incorporate an in built temperature sensor so there is no need for a wall mounted sensor. All this means installation should be quick and easy causing the minimum of disruption.


Synco Application